The Symmetry & Color Salon Guide To Summer 2017 Hair Inspiration


Make a spark with your summer look...

Our pro guide to the best summer hair trends of 2017.



Trend #1: "Hygge"  The Danish word for warmth, describes this haircolor trend which features  soft coppers, rich browns, buttery blonds, and creamy apricots applied in a subtle, complexion enhancing manner.

Who is it good for? Those who have always wanted to try highlights but have been afraid of them looking harsh/overly contrasted. Those who are currently highlighted and are seeking a softer more dimensional look. Flattering on all skin tones except for the coolest and palest complexions.

How do i get it? A combination of haircoloring & highlighting techniques (including balayage.) 



Trend #2: "The Shag"  Move over lob there's a hot new haircut in town! This 70's inspired classic is back with a fresh new modern spin.

Who is it good for?  A shag works with most hair types save for the thickest curliest textures. If you have a narrow face, adding bangs will make this look more flattering for you. If you have naturally fine to medium hair with little to no wave pattern this will be the most effortless haircut you'll ever have to style as it's all about the just rolled out of bed look with this one.

How do i get it? A combination of scissor and razor cutting, enhanced with texturizing products. 





Trend #3: "Babylights"  A subtle/delicate highlighting technique.

Who is it good for? Anyone with fine to medium hair who craves subtle highlights that are applied all the way to the root. A great modern highlighting alternative to balayage, and amazing for those who desire grey blending (blends grey beautifully if you have less than 50% grey/white hair.)

Also great for blending/modernizing a previous balayage application in all hair types.

How do i get it? Request a foil highlight when booking.


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